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Welcome to YourAgingParent.com

Spirituality, information and resources for Catholic caregivers


     This site is designed for family caregivers. It's for those who are helping a spouse, aging parent, a child or sibling with special needs, or a friend or family member.

    Here you'll find basic caregiver information; suggested resources; questions, answers and prayers from fellow caregivers; an explanation of the support available from the Catholic community, and more. The focus here is on  the spirituality of caregiving, using the teachings of the Catholic faith as a foundation.

We're aware that if you're a caregiver, you have very little time and probably less energy. We know that if your daily schedule includes responsibilities with a family, work, and loved one in need, it will take some juggling just to arrange the few minutes it takes to read an item or two here.

    Please keep in mind that this Web site wasn't designed to add to your feelings of guilt. 

    We're not offering simple answers to the complicated challenges you face. These are suggestions, food for thought, that can be modified to fit your own circumstances.

   Here, too, always, is an emphasis on the spiritual side of what you're facing, of what you're doing.

    Know that you are in our prayers. That you are in the prayers of the online faith community that is YourAgingParent.com.

    Again, we want to make it clear this Web site isn't only for adult children and aging parents. YourAgingParent.com is for anyone taking care of a loved one. Although we use the terms "adult children" and "aging parent" and focus on that particular relationship, the same material can be adapted and applied if you're taking care of a spouse, a grandparent, an aunt or uncle, a sibling or any other family member or friend.

                                                        Monica and Bill Dodds

    PS - The seniors in the photograph are Monica's parents, Russ and Terry Faudree, celebrating their 60th anniversary in 2004. You can read more about Bill and Monica here.

Caregiving is pro-life!



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